About Healthy Lives

Being Healthy is about the steps, actions and strategies you put in place to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Healthy Lives is about taking responsibility for your decisions and making smart health and wellbeing choices for today and for your future.

Being healthy should consist of:

  • Physical (For The Body)
  •  Good Nutrition, Eating Right
  •  Not smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation
  •  Being Physically Fit, being active
  •  Adequate Rest and good sleep
  •  Proper Stress Management

You Also Need to Give and Receive

  •  Forgiveness
  •  Love and Compassion
  •  You Need to Laugh and Experience Happiness
  •  You Need Joyful and respectful Relationships With Yourself and Others

Emotional Wellness (For The Mind)

  •  Self-Supportive Attitudes
  •  Positive Thoughts and Viewpoints
  •  Positive Self-Image
  • Be resilient with good coping mechanisms